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Apr 1 2015 10:00AM

Practical Kabbalah

The Universe of Jewish Mysticism Instructor: Rabbi Yisroel Levine Location: Private ...

Apr 1 2015 12:30PM

Lunch 'N Learn

A Textual Torah Study Group with Rabbi Moshe D. Bryski. Delicious Lunch Following ...

Apr 1 2015 8:00PM

Biblical Reflections

Finding Yourself in the Stories of Genesis Instructor: Rabbi Moshe Bryski The Academy—Center ...

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Winter SemesterAnnouncement

Conejo Jewish Academy - Winter Semester 2015
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Sell Your Chametz Online

Any chametz left undisposed must be sold to a non-Jew. Use this online form to quickly delegate a rabbi to sell your chametz for you.

Order Shmurah Matzah

The Rolls-Royce of matzah is the traditional handmade variety, recommended for Seder use. Order your matzah today! Spelt and whole wheat matzah available too.

Find a Local Passover Seder

Get the full journey in a community setting with a rabbi at the helm—find a Seder near you . . .

Use the Mah Nishtanah Trainer

Learn to ask the Four Questions with this interactive tool

Explore Our Passover Megasite

Our Passover megasite has tools, guides, insights, stories, inspiration—and just about everything you need to celebrate Passover. (But bring your own wine.)

Celebrating 100 Years: The Rebbe's Bar-Mitzvah

By Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson

My Moment with the Rebbe

By Chaim Mendelsohn
I wished I could have the chance to kiss the Torah. It was impossible. I was just too far. I clumsily stretched out my arm. Suddenly, the Rebbe stopped.

When the Music Stops and the Lights Go Out

by Chava’le Mishulovin
I just can't seem to propel myself forward without the music fueling me.

10 Diverse Foods that Say "Passover"

Over the years, diverse Jewish communities have developed their own Passover cuisines. Here is our list of favorites.

When You Crash, 150 People Crash with You

By Mendy Kaminker

Was Matzah Always Hard and Thin?

By Yehuda Shurpin
I’ve heard people say that matzah used to be soft. Is this true? And if it is, can I use pita for my matzah?

What Is a Maamar?

By Staff
When a maamar is spoken, something new and vital has entered the world. How are we to approach the maamar? How much of it are we capable of understanding? How is it meant to change us, and our world?

Aha, I Found the Cheerio!

By Nechemia Schusterman
Lessons from a wayward piece of cereal

Who Can Say, "I Am Religious?"

By Lazer Gurkow
Drawing a very contemporary lesson from the ancient rituals that surrounded the Paschal lamb of old.

Celebrate with Humility (Video)

Arrogance is the root of all undesirable traits. How, then, can we allow people to gather here in order to honor an individual?

How a Puny Jewish Girl Stopped a Gang War

By Yehudis Fishman
I heard angry shouts, banging and desperate cries.

President Obama Proclaims ‘Education and Sharing Day’ 2015

By Staff
Honoring the Rebbe’s birthday and his dedication to ‘promoting education as the cornerstone of humanity’ President Barack Obama signed a proclamation declaring March 31, 2015 – corresponding to the 11th day of the Hebrew month of Nisan – as Education and Sharing Day, USA.

Shmurah Matzah on More Seder Tables Than Ever Before

By Faygie Levy
Thanks to the Rebbe's campaign, and greater production and distribution, this staple is everywhere.

Record Passover Aid on the Way to Tens of Thousands in Israel

By Staff
Colel Chabad delivering tons of food, matzah, wine and other holiday staples to homes and army bases.

Back to Cartagena for a Seder Awash With Tourists

By Menachem Posner
Rabbinical students go to Colombia, as they have for years now, to lead Passover services and meals.

Make: 4 Simple Types of Charoset

By Miriam Szokovski

Cook: Vegetarian Mock Chopped Liver

By Kenden Alfond

Craft: Splitting the Sea

By Estee Lavitt

Complete Your Passover Mission

Take the Freedom Challenge and Win Awesome Prizes!

Joey: Scientriffic Seder

For the school science fair, Joey invents a most awesome robot that helps him get ready for Passover!

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On Friday, April 3, 2015,
Light Shabbat Candles at 6:59 PM

Halachic Times for Conejo Valley

Latest Shema 9:50 AM
Shekia (Sunset) 7:16 PM
Tzeit (nightfall) 7:46 PM

Times displayed for: Agoura Hills, CA 91301
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