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What to Expect at Simchat Torah Services

By Menachem Posner
Sure there are the Torahs and prayers, but there is also dancing, singing, tomfoolery, and snacking in the synagogue.

What Happens on Hoshana Rabbah

G‑d told Abraham: “If atonement was not granted to your children on Rosh Hashanah, I will grant it on Yom Kippur; if atonement was not attained on Yom Kippur, it will be given on Hoshana Rabbah.”

Shemini Atzeret / Simchat Torah

Virtually everything you need to know about the holidays of Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah: How-To Guides, Essays and Insights, Recipes, Stories, Multimedia, and much more!

The Holiday That Doesn’t Fit

By Tzvi Freeman
Is Simchat Torah off the map?

In My Creator’s Arms

By Elana Mizrahi
How can I, a wife and mother of four, who works with many wonderful women and has many wonderful friends, thank G‑d, dare to say that at times, yes, I feel so, so alone?

Why Eat Stuffed Cabbage on Simchat Torah?

By Yehuda Shurpin
I was wondering, what’s the connection between stuffed cabbage and Simchat Torah? Or is it just something my mom did?

How to React When Someone Hurts Your Feelings

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe
Strange things happen when we get hurt . . .

Why Rabbi Meir Danced

By Yerachmiel Tilles
The joy of serving G‑d during a tragedy is no match for the joy of the holidays.

5 Ways to Repurpose Those Leftovers!

By Miriam Szokovski
Easy ways to stretch and repurpose your leftovers into new, delicious dishes that you can serve proudly.

Inside the Sukkah

By Ahuva Klein

In Jerusalem, Historic Synagogue Prepares for Sukkot Festival Week

By Sarah Leah Lawent
In a quiet alleyway just steps away from Zion Square, men gather in the first synagogue to be built outside of the Old City walls after the destruction of the Temple. They are here to work, but it is joyous work of a different kind.

Deconstructing Detroit: Tackling Urban Issues From a Jewish Perspective

By Ronelle Grier
Discussion series focuses on those who left the city, those who have moved in, and why.

A Fine Day for the Arts in Philadelphia: Student Gallery Exhibits New Space

By Carin M. Smilk,
The Kugel Collaborative offers a valuable resource, professionally and spiritually, in the city's center.

Only Surviving Boy Born in Auschwitz, Now 70, Puts on Tefillin for the First Time

By Menachem Posner
Traveling in Hungary, Chabad rabbinical students help a unique Holocaust survivor mark a milestone

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