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Vinegar for the Soul

By Chaya Shuchat
For survivors of trauma, the ability to let go of frightful memories is essential to the healing process.

Who Needs Anti-Semites?

By Yossy Goldman
There is nothing superfluous in G‑d’s world. So what is the purpose of an anti-Semite? Just that—to remind Jews that they are Jewish!

Where Is the Reward?

By Tali Loewenthal
A basic principle of Jewish belief is that G‑d rewards us when we carry out His commands. But does it always work like this?

Ki Teitzei in a Nutshell

The law of the beautiful captive and the rebellious son, the hybrid garment and the falsely accused spouse, the hungry employee and a dead brother’s wife, how to get married and when to get divorced—and sixty-six other mitzvot.

On Prayer, a Stubborn Ego, Ammunition and Peace

By Miriam Karp
I confess: After 35 years of living as an observant woman, I am pretty mediocre and irregular at davening (prayer).

The High Holiday Anthem

By Shlomo Yaffe
The festivals of the High Holiday season pluck every string of our being, from introspection to commitment to solemnity to joy.

Why Don't I Feel Inspired Anymore?

By Aron Moss
I got into Jewish things and spirituality around a year ago, and I was feeling really motivated and inspired. But now I just don't have the passion for it anymore. What happened?


By Rochmy Ollech
I am afraid of making a decision that I’ll later regret.

You Don’t Have to Be a Rabbi

In our daily lives we come into contact with a variety of people and our interaction with them is often limited by the way we perceive them.

Getting Into the Grind

By Tzvi Freeman
Don’t you feel like a piece of worn-down sandpaper sometimes? Isn’t it a great feeling?

Back to Her People

By Tova Mordechai
Tonica Marlow, a female Evangelical minister embarks on an incredible journey to rediscover her Jewish heritage. This riveting story of the Jewish spirit resonates deep within the soul.

Choose Them Again

By Nora Yagolnitser
I have learned to train my eyes on Charlie’s brilliant smile and to forget the other children gawking at her on the playground.

The Call of the Shofar

Once upon a time there lived a poor orphan, who had neither father nor mother...

JCreate High Holidays Magazine

Crafts for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot

Traditional Rosh Hashanah Tzimmes

Tzimmes is one of those traditional Jewish foods that seems to have dozens of variations.

Iyov (Job)

By James Herman
This painting, completed in 2002, references Iyov (Job)1-42.

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On Friday, September 5, 2014,
Light Shabbat Candles at 6:57 PM

Torah Reading: Ki Teitzei
Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19

Halachic Times for Conejo Valley

Latest Shema 9:42 AM
Shekia (Sunset) 7:21 PM
Tzeit (nightfall) 7:53 PM

Times displayed for: Agoura Hills, CA 91301
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