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Privacy and Modesty

By Tali Loewenthal
Our role as Jews is to be an example. The Torah describes us, thousands of years ago, as expressing the virtues of modesty and privacy.

Aren’t My Friends Just Awesome?

By Chana Weisberg
He would guzzle down my mother’s delicacies, spilling some on our pristine white tablecloth.

Learn the Parshah in Depth

A condensation of the weekly Torah portion alongside select commentaries culled from the Midrash, Talmud, Chassidic masters, and the broad corpus of Jewish scholarship.

What to Expect at a Brit Milah

By Nechama Golding
What is expected of you at a traditional brit milah, and what should you expect?

Beneath the Fedora

By Menachem Posner
Take a quick tour of the inner world of the Chabad yeshivah student. Learn what he does, where he goes, and even how he relaxes . . .

Why Do Jews Toast L’Chaim—To Life?

By Yehuda Shurpin
Is there a uniquely Jewish reason for this custom?

Why Does Torah Law Allow Polygamy?

By Tzvi Freeman
Why make room for trouble? If the ideal union of man and woman is an exclusive one, why should a "nation of priests and a holy people" compromise?

Why Can't We Have a Double Ring Ceremony?

By Aron Moss
The idea that there is a problem with the bride also giving the groom a ring seems absurd to me. Surely I have as much say in the agreement to be married as my husband-to-be?

Never Too Young

Long before his bar mitzvah, the Previous Rebbe was already preoccupied with doing acts of kindness. At age eleven he established a free-loan fund, allowing him to help the needy in a dignified manner.

Balaam’s “Believe It or Not”

By Mendel Kaplan
An in-depth analysis of some of the most unusual prophecies ever known to humankind!

Torah Night Vision

By Pinchas Taylor
Just as one cannot see in the dark, the world too can be misleading. Torah is more than a moral code or wisdom to achieve scholarship; most importantly it enables us to see.

Why I Didn’t Marry David

By Jolie Greiff
At dinner I found myself sitting across from David. He was smart, not bad looking, and had a real British sense of humo(u)r. After the meal ended, we continued talking for over an hour.

How Can I Stop Worrying All the Time?

By Sarah Chana Radcliffe
We know way too much. Information from every corner of the world comes flooding in, and much of it is not good—tragedy, terror, trauma . . .

Mud, Campfires and Family Memories

By Esther Karp
I wasn’t sure what this trip would be like, since we hadn’t been camping in a while, and we were hardly kids anymore. But not only did this camping trip work well, it shed a whole new light onto my family camping experiences.

Crunchy Summer Garden Salad

By Miriam Szokovski
This salad screams summer, and with two dressing options and lots of add-ins, you can personalize it to your taste.

The Previous Rebbe

By Chana Rivka Hawkins

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Torah Reading: Balak

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