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Feb 2 2015 7:30PM

Chassidic Pop Art


Feb 2 2015 8:00PM

Torah Studies

A Weekly Study Group at Chabad of Moorpark – 4219 Tierra Rejada Road Instructor: ...

Feb 3 2015 8:00PM

The Art of Parenting

Instructor: Rabbi Yisroel Levine The Academy—Center for Jewish life

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Conejo Jewish Academy - Winter Semester 2015
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Who Were the First Ones to See G-d?

By Rochel Holzkenner
Growing a family is no easy feat, and for the Jewish women in Egypt, it was especially difficult.

The Bones of Joseph

By Yossy Goldman
Must we jettison the old to embrace the new?

Learn the Parshah In Depth

A condensation of the weekly Torah portion alongside select commentaries culled from the Midrash, Talmud, Chassidic masters, and the broad corpus of Jewish scholarship.

How to Increase Confidence in Our Children

By Shimon Waronker
Education expert Shimon Waronker presents professional parenting techniques to raise your children to be responsible and sensitive with proper self-awareness.

Articulating Mystery

By Israel Sandman
Throughout Maimonides' writings there is a clear tension between his goal of communicating a clear theosophical vision and his affirmation that ultimately the human mind cannot full grasp the true nature of G-d.

You Can Tip the Scales

We must view ourselves and the entire world as equally balanced between good and evil, and that our every word, thought, and action can have a tremendous impact.

The Seventh Generation: A Leader of Leaders

By Eli Rubin
An overview of the events and significance of 10 Shevat.

In Praise of Chassidic Folly

By Michael Kigel
Reb Shmuel Munkis was the Alter Rebbe’s jester. Unlike King Lear’s fool, he was not the wisest man in the court. But at least he was the second wisest.

Being Brainwashed

By Lieba Rudolph
I had never seen a leader so totally revered by his followers.

Why the Rabbi Didn’t Need Anesthesia

By Yitzchak Buxbaum
"If I don’t open my eyes after the operation’s over, don’t disturb me. I may lie on the operating table for a few more hours. But promise me that you won’t disturb me.”

11 Images that Tell of Jewish Empowerment in the Holocaust

By Mordechai Lightstone

Q&A: Auschwitz—70 Years After Liberation, the Strongest Revenge

By Mendy Kaminker
Rabbi Eliezer Gurary, chief rabbi and Chabad representative to the city of Krakow—the closest vibrant Jewish community to Auschwitz-Birkenau—speaks about the intermingling of past and present.

Why I Slept on the Living Room Floor for 5 Weeks

By Elana Mizrahi
Yes, it was a long time to sleep on the floor of my dining room, which also happens to be my kitchen and the central room of our home.

Are You a Fallen Heiress?

By Shimona Tzukernik
She arrived in New York wearing a floor-length yellow sari and couldn’t care less about what she no longer had. She feels differently today.

Let Him In

Based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson
We trust that He is good, yet He asks us to complain.

Should I Publicize My Newly Kosher Kitchen?

By Levi Greenberg
Would it not be better for me to keep this mitzvah between me and G‑d?

Kids in the Kitchen: Pomegranate Honey Parfait

Get ready for Tu B'Shevat with this pomegranate treat

Tu BiShevat Craft: Tree Collage

By Mirel Goldwasser
Take your camera on a beautiful journey surrounded by nature. This project will keep you in touch with the life cycle of the trees and the changing seasons.

Photo of the Week: A Splash of Torah

Photo by Oneinfocus
Torah is compared to water that descends from Above to below...

Two IDF Troops Killed, 7 Wounded as Conflict Escalates in North Staff
Communities and troops on high alert

Rocket Attack in Mariupol, Ukraine, Leaves Jewish Community on Edge

By Dovid Margolin
Many make plans to leave for good; others adopt ‘wait-and-see’ approach, with foreboding for future.

Women Support Women Battling Breast Cancer on Long Island

By Faygie Levy
A group affiliated with Chabad in Merrick, N.Y., makes concrete efforts to boost health and hope.

Teaching Torah Values Through Unexpected Channels

By Menachem Posner
Chabad rabbis and educators impact minds and lives on cable TV.

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On Friday, February 6, 2015,
Light Shabbat Candles at 5:12 PM

Torah Reading: Beshalach
Exodus 13:17-17:16

Halachic Times for Conejo Valley

Latest Shema 9:30 AM
Shekia (Sunset) 5:24 PM
Tzeit (nightfall) 5:56 PM

Times displayed for: Agoura Hills, CA 91301
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