Gifts to the Needy

Passover “Elijah Fund”

“…whoever is hungry, let them come in and eat…” - The Passover Haggada

Dear Friend,

One of the highlights of every Seder takes place as we welcome Elijah the Prophet into our homes and invite his soul to join our family, if but for a moment. We even place a cup of wine known as the “Kos Shel Eliyahu” (the goblet of Elijah) reserved for our very special guest. As a child I recall often staring at the rim of the goblet hoping to see a little movement in the wine assuring me that indeed Elijah was in the room.

Well, I haven’t found the secret as to how to get Elijah to reveal himself to us just yet, but what I have found is something perhaps even more powerful. Instead of us waiting to see Elijah, let us this year work on “being Elijah”. Elijah has always been the prophet given the assignment of delivering good news and assisting in a time of need. His name is synonymous with caring and providing.


During the weeks leading up to the Passover holiday, we at Chabad of the Conejo are being made aware of people who are in such dire straits that they cannot obtain the most basic provisions for Passover. This includes large families, single-parent families, destitute individuals, immigrants and senior citizens. In response, we will be disbursing special funds and delivering Passover Packages – with a complete assortment of foods and necessities.

We will also be arranging placements for the Seder for those who have no place to go. As the Passover Haggada says, “Whoever is hungry, let them come in and eat”. Simply speaking, no Jew may be left behind on the Seder Night.

On a global scale, Chabad will be dispatching representatives to some of the most remote places on earth to organize and conduct the Seder. Israeli students backpacking in the Himalayas will be hosted by “Chabadniks” for the Passover holiday as will be locals and tourists in Africa, the South Pacific, Europe and the Americas. No place in the world is too far, no Jew too insignificant, for Chabad to go forth and bring them the love, warmth and joy of our heritage. To find a Seder anywhere in the world, please visit this link.

I urge you to partner with us and LET US BE ELIJAH! Let us provide, let us share, let us care, let us deliver, let us assist. Please utilize the enclosed envelope to send in a special Passover Contribution for the “Elijah Fund”. At the same time, we urge and invite you to be a partner in our sacred undertaking by contributing to this fund. We're counting on you!

A Sale of Chometz Form can be completed by clicking here.

It is axiomatic that showing kindness to others makes us worthy of kindness in our own lives. In merit of your generosity and compassion in bringing the joy of Passover to the less fortunate, may you and yours be blessed with a very healthy and joyous holiday and may you celebrate your Seder along with a very proud Elijah!

Please click here to make your contribution.

Sincerely Yours,
Rabbi Moshe D. Bryski