Imagine a place...

Where young and old come to study and explore the richness of their heritage.
Where people come to help or be helped.
Where people care. And smile. And live life to the fullest.


The New Chabad Community Campus

It began in 1979 in a small storefront and has since blossomed into a network of five community centers spanning the Conejo Valley. From synagogues to schools, the “Friendship Circle” to the nationally recognized Conejo Jewish Academy; Chabad of the Conejo has been at the forefront of developing one of the most dynamic and flourishing Jewish communities in the western United States.

With its warm and inviting approach, Chabad is a place where people from all walks of life—regardless of background, affiliation or level of observance—feel welcome and at home. With the pride of success have come the challenges of growth. Overflow crowds and burgeoning enrollments coupled with tight space and limited facilities have escalated the urgent need for more spacious and conducive quarters to serve as the central hub of Chabad activities in the region.

For almost three decades, Chabad of the Conejo has dreamed of the day it would build a major campus—buzzing with the laughter of children, the pursuit of knowledge and the spirit of community. That day is at hand. The campaign to build the New Chabad of the Conejo Community Campus is underway. The fulfillment of this dream depends on people of initiative and compassion, of vision and generosity.

It depends on you.


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