Dear Friends,

With Purim just around the corner, we take this opportunity to remind you that *one of the main observances of this festive holiday dating back to the very first Purim, is that of “Matonot L’evyonim” – extending alms to the poor. Amidst our greatest jubilation and celebration, we do not forget or overlook those less fortunate who are having a difficult time of things.

No celebration can feel quite right when our brothers and sisters are hurting.

While every year Chabad of the Conejo serves as the community’s agent in the fulfillment of this mitzvah – discreetly providing relief and support to those in need – in these more difficult economic times, the number of candidates seeking such help has reached unprecedented heights.

Even when so many employment doors and organizational avenues of support have been slammed shut, Chabad’s channels of kindness and compassion have remained – and continue to remain – wide open to many individuals and families in crisis. As such, never has our annual Matonot L’evyonim effort been more vital and timely than in this critical year.

Please visit to have us serve as your proxy in fulfilling your Matonot L’evyonim deed, bringing smiles to the faces of young and old this coming Purim! 

With heartfelt gratitude, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy, safe and satiating Purim, bolstered by the awareness that you have manifested the holiday’s spirit in its highest form.

Sincerely Yours,

Rabbi Moshe D. Bryski

Rabbi Yisroel Levine

*Other primary observances of Purim: Listening to the reading of the Book of Esther (aka the Megillah) on Purim Eve and Day (March 16-17); sending “Shalach Manot” – gifts of at least two different food items – to your friends; and participating in a Purim feast. For further information on our Purim Services and Festivals, please call our office at (818) 991-0991 or visit