Dear Moshe,

While each of us are facing our own unique challenges and difficulties relating to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, there are those in our community who are suffering on a severe level. 

We’re talking about individuals and families unable to pay rent or buy food; seniors fearful of going out to shop for their basic needs; and a wide range of people who have been emotionally or physically devastated by either direct or indirect effects of the pandemic. 

Many of these folks are too proud – often too embarrassed – to seek help from their friends and neighbors. They do, however, know that in reaching out to us at Chabad of the Conejo, not only will they be offered practical and emotional support – with love, compassion and generosity – but their privacy and confidentiality will be well protected in the process.

From the day the shutdowns began, the doors of Chabad of the Conejo have remained open and teams of volunteers have been mobilized to provide “essential services” – including shopping, delivering, visiting, counseling, inspiring and teaching – through whatever means available to us.

The more support extended by generous friends like you, the more of our hurting brothers and sisters we are better positioned to assist. This is what a loving Jewish community is all about; people rising above their own trying circumstances to help those who have it far worse. 

The Cry of the Shofar is the cry of the Jewish soul. When we respond with kindness to the cries of those in need or despair, the Almighty responds in kind, bestowing His benevolent blessings upon us.

As the High Holidays approach, please click here to partner in our vital efforts. In merit of doing so, may you and yours be inscribed for a happy, healthy and sweet New Year – with all of your prayers answered and all of your hearts desires fulfilled for good! 

With gratitude and blessings, 
Rabbi Moshe D. Bryski
Rabbi Yisroel Levine