For the past three decades, Chabad has hosted High Holiday Services at one of our local regional hotels. We take great pride not only in the large turnout but even more so, in the “mix” of Jewish families that are drawn to the services. This coming “post-covid” year, we will be once again holding services at the Sheraton Hotel in Agoura Hills.

To accommodate those from the Conifer Shul/Oak Park community who prefer a closer option, Chabad will also be holding auxiliary services at Willow Elementary School (29026 Laro, Agoura Hills) for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. You can opt to attend Rosh Hashanah at one location and Yom Kippur at the other.

This year, attendees will be able to view a map of the Sheraton Ballroom or Willow online and select the seats of their choice in advance! Like the accessibility of the aisle? The view from the center? Obscurity of the back? Closer proximity to the Rabbi or Cantor? With our new "Select Your Own Seat" option, you get to pick your seat!

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Schedule of Services

At Willow Elementary School, 29026 Laro Dr.


Rosh Hashanah Eve Sept 6 6:45 PM
First Day Sept 7 9:30 AM
Tashlich Sept 7 6:30 PM
*Evening Services Sept 7 7:00 PM
*Second Day Sept 8 9:30 AM

*Services for the 2nd day of RH and evening services for both nights will take place at 5998 Conifer Street, Oak Park


Kol Nidrei Sept 15 6:30 PM
Yom Kippur Sept 16 9:30 AM
Yizkor Sept 16 12:00 PM
Neilah Sept 16 5:30 PM