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THANK YOU! WE DID IT! We raised $510,617 for Chabad of the Conejo! Thank you to our generous matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.

The Steve and Sheila Fenster Jewish Legacy Fund

Marc and Alicia Kulic

Laurence and Debbie Michelson

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A Light of Jewish Unity and Solidarity
A Light of Jewish Pride and Identity
A Light of Jewish Resolve and Continuity


In launching their heinous acts of terror on October 7, 2023, the enemies of Israel succeeded in unearthing the deep sense of unity, faith and resolve that is at the core of the Jewish spirit.

They also revealed the blatant antisemitism and moral bankruptcy of those around the world who would defend and justify the barbaric murder, torture, and kidnapping of innocent men, women and children.

In response, Jews from all walks of life have been stepping up to extend their support for Israel, strengthen their commitment to Judaism, and heighten their involvement with the Jewish community. 

Toward that end, Chabad of the Conejo has been serving as an active conduit for generating emotional and monetary support for those in Israel most directly affected by the attacks, while continuing to serve as the region’s central destination for Jewish observance, study, prayer, assembly and celebration.

In his recent solidarity trip to Israel, Rabbi Moshe Bryski represented the Conejo Valley community in providing such support to those mourning the loss of loved ones, the families of the hostages, those injured in the attacks, those evacuated from their homes, and the brave soldiers of the IDF.

In order to continue and further bolster all of these critical efforts, Chabad’s annual “Light Up the Night” Match Campaign has been launched – urgently and immediately.


Your one good deed can triple the impact of our community’s support for Israel and the strengthening of Jewish identity throughout the Conejo Valley at this critical time! 

Every dollar donated is TRIPLED!


Chabad of the Conejo is an educational and social service organization that provides a wide array of programs and resources to people across the spectrum of the Conejo Valley. Its doors are open to all – regardless of religious background, observance or organizational affiliation. 

Beyond its schools, youth programs, adult education programs, synagogues, mitzvah projects, and holiday programs, Chabad of the Conejo is a place people from all walks of life can turn to in times of trouble or distress. Whether through emergency food and shelter subsidies, crisis counseling, senior outreach, prison chaplaincy, hospital visitation, or programs for children with special needs, Chabad is a “beacon of light” that pierces the darkness of night for so many facing difficult circumstances.

As with the crisis developing from the situation in Israel, wherever and whenever there is a need for physical or spiritual support for the Jewish community, Chabad rises to the occasion. 

Given the emotional and financial distress many are now going through, it is as timely as ever for us to join together – in a spirit of love, generosity and compassion – to light up the night!  

Thank You to Our Matchers

The Steve and Sheila Fenster Jewish Legacy Fund, Marc and Alicia Kulic, Laurence and Debbie Michelson, and The Barzel Family Foundation.
To join the prestigious and generous list of matchers, please call Chabad at 818-991-0991. 


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